Copyright & A2K Issues - 13 July 2020

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Intellectual Property:

Parliament can uphold the Constitution by passing the Copyright Amendment Bill — again

Actors dealt a blow as president sends two bills back to Parliament

June 16 2020: A Sad Day for South African Youth


Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (South Africa)

What is POPIA?

3 simple steps to kickstart your POPIA compliance


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication Resources

What are Transformative Agreements?

Guidelines for Evaluating Transformative Open Access Agreements

Open Access in Theory and Practice

Emotional Labor in Open Access Advocacy: A Librarian’s Perspective

Development and Access to Information Report 2019 (IFLA)

Publishing during pandemic: Innovation, collaboration, and change

Guest Post — The Covid Infodemic and the Future of the Communication of Science

Research Assessment Processes

Fighting the impact factor, one CV at a time


Open Educational Resources (OER):

International Journal of Open Educational Resources (IJOER)

Open Pedagogy Approaches

Universities must adopt online learning in order to survive

OER Resources



EIFL webinar with Aflia – 14 July 2020


IFLA ARL Webinar series: Academic Library Services during COVID-19 - 22 July 2020

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