Copyright & A2K Issues - 15 December 2020 (FINAL NEWSLETTER)

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Denise Nicholson retires from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg on 31 December 2020. She will be consulting in future. Should you wish to contact her, her website from January 2021 will be   Should you wish to receive similar information in a new online newsletter, please email  with "Yes to new online newsletter" in the subject field.  


Intellectual Property

Wits co-hosted OA Week Seminars - 2020 - Presentations on copyright, open source, predatory publishing, access issues, etc.

Activists march to force signing of Copyright Amendment (South Africa)

12 South African Civil Society Groups Demonstrate for Copyright Reform on UN International Human Rights Day

WIPO’s missed opportunity to produce guidance on copyright exceptions hits education during pandemic

COVID-19 prompts calls for library-friendly copyright laws

EIFL @WIPO: Fair Access, Preservation, No Lending Tax

Capturing Fair Use for the YouTube Generation

USTR 2020 Special 301 Review

American University Awarded $3.8 Million Grant from Arcadia Fund to Promote International Right to Research in Copyright Law

House Passes Bill To Make Federal Court Records Free to the Public (US)


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication

Information wants to be free

Pretty Soon There’ll Be Just One Big Book Publisher Left

Researchers (in South Africa) decry ‘pay to publish’ system — but don’t want it to stop

Nature’s New Open Access Option: A Dinosaur Lurches Toward the Future

CERN Announces New Open Data Policy in Support of Open Science

The transformative power of values-enacted scholarship

Preprints in the public eye

8 Pillars of Open Science

AfricArXiv - the African preprint repository

IFLA Journal – October 2020

Fiddle: a tool to combat publication bias by getting research out of the file drawer and into the scientific community

Amazon under pressure to lift ban on e-book library sales

Changes to Journal Impact Factor Announced for 2021


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