Drupal 8 Website Development

The African Legal Information Institute (AfricanLII) seeks a Drupal development company to assist the in-house technical team in implementing a family of a dozen related Drupal 8 websites based on a standardized Drupal 8 installation. 

The Project

AfricanLII (www.africanlii.org) is a university-based donor-funded programme, which publishes legal information (legislation, judgments, government gazettes, etc.) for online and offline access across about a dozen country-specific websites. 

The websites are currently hosted on Drupal 7 and are being migrated to a completely new website built on the Drupal 8 platform. The new website includes content received from external services via APIs. The new website follows modern Drupal and software development best practices. It is open source and is available on GitHub here: https://github.com/africanlii/liiweb  A live, production installation of the new website is available at https://www.namiblii.org/ 


You will be required to work with the in-house team, over the course of about a year, to:

  • Develop theming, views and custom modules to support the UX developed for the product

  • Develop multi-site search functionality based on Apache SOLR

  • Work with the in-house team to develop functionality to automatically consume external APIs and populate content

  • Develop APIs for easy export of metadata and content to authenticated users

  • Streamline the set-up of the multiple Drupal 8 websites to achieve standardization and efficiency of the common code base

  • Develop new features and integrate new content types as requested

Technologies used:

  • Drupal 8

  • Apache SOLR

  • Twig templates

  • Composer and drush

  • Bootstrap 4

  • Docker and dokku (an open-source version of Heroku)

  • Git and Github

Please note: you must be familiar with Twig templates, writing custom Drupal modules and Git. The website has a highly curated user interface and is not a vanilla point-and-click Drupal installation.

Interested parties must be able to demonstrate at least one website displaying a level of complexity similar to the one required by this project.

The work will be performed off-site. 


Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Please quote hourly rates or include your rate card if you offer a package of services.

Send your proposals, portfolio and rates to drupaldev@africanlii.org

We will contact shortlisted individuals/companies for a conference call.