Marie-Louise Aren

Marie-Louise Aren

Doctoral Candidate, University of Pretoria

Research Assistant and Law Reporter, AfricanLII

Marie-Louise is a Principal Law Research Officer/Legislative Drafter at the Nigerian Law Reform Commission and a Chartered Corporate Secretary. Her career goal is to enhance Africa's global trade and investment position through developing sound laws and policies. Her research interests include International Trade & Investment Law; International Tax Law; Business and Human Rights and Environmental Law.

Marie-Louise adopts a transdisciplinary approach to knowledge and problem solving leading her to serve in various research and drafting teams such as the Nigerian Petroleum Industry Governance Laws Draft Team;  Advocacy Committee for the Eradication of Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria; the development team for the Nigerian Justice Policy and the National Law Review Team responsible for reviewing the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2018. Marie-Louise is an avid reader and is currently a  LLD Candidate -International Tax Law at the University of Pretoria.