Thelela Vika

Thelela Vika

Research Assistant and Law Reporter, AfricanLII

Thelela Ngcetane-Vika is from Pretoria, South Africa. Currently, she is studying LLM in International Business Law at the University of Liverpool, UK. She has completed most of the Modules of the LLM coursework. Those include the European Single Market, International Company law, including the UK Companies Act 2006, International Corporate Governance, World Trade Organisations, Legal Methodology, among other. She has also done a lot of writing on Brexit and its legal implications. She holds a BA Communications degree and BA Honours degree from the University of Fort Hare. She also obtained AMP with distinction from the University of South Africa. In 2019, she also completed the Women Transforming Leadership Programme at the SAID Business School, Oxford University, UK.

In terms of legal experience, she was involved in summarising of case laws, as part of the project of the University of Cape Town. Here, she summarised case laws on Wildlife from South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya and Nigeria. She was reporting to the Managing Editor: Amy Sinclair. Thelela is very passionate about International law jurisprudence, corporate law, constitutional law and company law.

Thelela is a seasoned author of published works and a regular contributor to reputable newspapers, such as Pretoria News and the Dimension. She has also been assisting with the formulation and development of canon laws for the church as and when she is requested. She is also a Communication specialist, a former university lecturer and researcher, an Editor and an entrepreneur. She is a Director at Singo Investment, her own company. She is also a Director at ENVIRONDALO HOLDINGS, an environmental company with a lot of expertise in environmental law and corporate governance.