Copyright & A2K Issues - 12 March 2018

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Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

The great global rankings debate

Toward Successful Implementation of the Open Access Policy

Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VNSU) Releases 2018-2020 Road Map to Open Access

COPE Principles of Transparency & Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing

Let Canada Be First to Turn an Open Access Research Policy Into a Legal Right to Know

Directory of Open Access Journals (no APCs)

Singapore Update on Open Access

How to ensure that the costs of data management activities are budgeted in grant proposals?

Global Online Access to Legal Information

Innovating with Open Knowledge


Open Science/Open Data:

Open science and crowdfunding? BLOG#2

Highlights of the international symposium on farmers’ access to data and full video recording

Power and Inequality in Open Science Discourses

Why the African Academy of Sciences is creating AAS Open Research

Mining Open Government Data Used in Scientific Research


Predatory Publishing Practices:

India tops submissions in predatory journals

The UGC’s incompetence has legitimised at least 200 predatory journals

Avoiding Predatory Publishers


Groups audience: