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Denise Nicholson's information service on Copyright & A2K issues. Final newsletter was delivered on 15 December 2020.

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Copyright & A2K Issues - 15 December 2017


Intellectual Property:

The Fight for Fair Copyright Returns: Canadian Government Launches Major Copyright Review

Help UNESCO finalise the draft Internet Universality Indicators

The New York Public Library's Presidents Just Wrote A Beautiful Letter In Support Of Net Neutrality

Copyright & A2K Issues - 29 November 2017 (part 1)


Intellectual Property:

Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation: Assessing Regional Integration in Africa (ARIA VIII)

U.S., Canadian & Mexican Law Professors, Academics and Policy Experts: NAFTA Must Include Fair Use, Safe Harbors

Copyright & A2K Issues - 1 November 2017


Intellectual Property:

Opinion of the CEIPI on the European Commission’s Proposal to Reform Copyright Limitations and Exceptions in the European Union


The top three emerging tech trends in 2017