Copyright & A2K Issues - 7 November 2018

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Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Wellcome Trust to introduce stricter open access rules

'Plan S' Aims to Transform Scholarly Communication—Will Publishers Be Ready?

Reaction of Researchers to Plan S

Open Access, Academic Freedom, and the Spectrum of Coercive Power

Scholarly publishing: EUA asks European Commission to investigate lack of competition

OpenAIRE becomes a fully fledged organisation

PhD theses – drawing attention to the often overlooked articles in open access repositories

Sci-Hub; the Librarian’s response

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship (video)

The Art Institute of Chicago Is the Latest Museum to Offer Open Access to Thousands of Images in Its Archive

Do authors comply when funders enforce open access to research?

Author Perspectives on Academic Publishing: Global Survey 2018

An A-Z list of scholarly publishing and open science platforms (Updated 27 July 2018)

Conflicted Views of Technology: A Survey of Faculty Attitudes

For genuinely open social science texts, the disguised elitism of citing paywall sources is no longer good enough

Three hundred and sixty years of United States caselaw

Innovative dissemination methods: Good practices and lessons learned

A New Digital Tool for Looking at Bruegel

Is Open Content Enough? Where OER Advocates Say the Movement Must Go Next

Africa's contribution to the global open access literature

Affordable Open Access: There's a way, now we need a will

TRANSPOSE (TRANsparency in Scholarly Publishing for Open Scholarship Evolution)


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