Judicial independence is critical to protecting press freedom in Africa

In this opinion piece, Anneke Meerkotter, Litigation Director of the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC), discusses a recent High Court of Lesotho (sitting as a Constitutional Court) judgment which declared the offence of criminal defamation unconstitutional. She takes the opportunity to also reflect more generally on the extent to which judiciaries have created the space for constitutional jurisprudence to be exercised in a manner that facilitates social transformation. 


[Book] The implementation of modern African Constitutions: Challenges and prospects

In “The implementation of modern African Constitutions: challenges and prospects”, the authors try to identify obstacles to constitutional implementation in Africa and, on the basis of good practice, assess how this could be overcome. A single volume like this cannot unravel the complexity of the causes and effects of, and solutions to, the problem of non-implementation of constitutions in Africa: the subject is far too intricate.

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