Criminal liability

Mlungwana and Others v S and Another (Equal Education, Right2Know Campaign and UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association as Amici Curiae) (CCT 32 of 2018) [2018] ZACC 45 (19 November 2018)

This was an application for confirmation of an order, of constitutional invalidity of section 12(1)(a) of the Regulation of Gatherings Act 205 of 1993 (Regulations), pronounced by the High Court. 

The High Court found that section 12(1)(a) limits the right to assemble peacefully and unarmed, by requiring a convener to give notice of an assembly of more than 15 people.

Uganda v Tibemanzi Deus (Criminal Revision HCT-00-CR-CV-CO 2 of 2006) [2006] UGHC 47 (01 November 2006)

This was an order to revise and clarify the definition of an idle and disorderly person per the Penal Code Act. The accused person was charged with photographing the president without permission. He entered a plea of guilty before the magistrates’ court. The magistrate court accordingly convicted the accused on the plea of guilty.

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