Protests and demonstrations

Chisata and Another v Attorney-General (S.C.Z. Judgment No. 6 of 1981) [1981] ZMSC 6 (25 March 1981)

The appellants were detained under regulation 33 (1) of the Preservation of Public Security Regulations Act. Their applications for harbeas corpus (a writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court) were rejected by the High Court. Aggrieved by the decision, they appealed.

Uganda v Tibemanzi Deus (Criminal Revision HCT-00-CR-CV-CO 2 of 2006) [2006] UGHC 47 (01 November 2006)

This was an order to revise and clarify the definition of an idle and disorderly person per the Penal Code Act. The accused person was charged with photographing the president without permission. He entered a plea of guilty before the magistrates’ court. The magistrate court accordingly convicted the accused on the plea of guilty.


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